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The operations chain is the system and process that creates and delivers your firm's product and services. Plan the use of your firm's resources optimally to ensure the entire operations function is performing according to your strategic priorities and goals. 


Learn how InnoArk can help you plan, implement, monitor and control the operations chain to achieve an unfair advantage for better throughput and output. Be it being fully integrated or piecemeal, we build your digital capabilities to scale and deliver sustainable and profitable growth.


Product Development
R&D is a trial and error process of different materials, specifications and processes. InnoArk can help reduce complexities in evaluating alternative materials and evaluate options that can provide optimal performance. InnoArk’s solutions provides you the access of technical and specification data from your supply base to evaluate supplier’s capability of manufacturing new products.

New Product Introduction
Save time when designing new products with costs in mind to ensure viability of production and operational cost. Have immediate awareness of the impact to packaging cost with a change in size, shape, material or production process during the designing phase. This will help you rationalise the use of materials and specifications to make informed decisions of the final product.

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Are you paying a fair and reasonable cost for your raw materials? Evaluate and negotiate with suppliers for the best price with an in-depth understanding of your suppliers processes to ensure sustainable value in pricing and governance from your supply chain. Compare suppliers cost regionally and globally and have contingency suppliers on hand.

With an audit to your current manufacturing process, InnoArk can help to identify redundancy and loss leakages to help optimise your manufacturing. With a profitability analysis on your manufacturing process, you are able to identify the cost effectiveness of your product.

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Quality Control
Digitalising your quality control system can help you identify quality issues on the factory floor and address them immediately. Implement tracking mechanisms to monitor desired production output such as size or weight to ensure consistency and control. Be notified immediately if output drops below desired levels where corrective action can be taken. This will eliminate quality issues before products are delivered to your customers, to avoid loss sales and chargebacks.

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