What is inLIMs


inLIMS is an enterprise laboratory information management system which is designed to digitize the day to day laboratory workflow into more integrated and efficient manner and empower QA/QC to get the information visibility through state-of-art software technology. It is a web based management system which allows lab analysts or business users to access the lab information anytime and anywhere if the they are connected to the organization’s network.


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With inLIMs, data integrity is guaranteed.


Furthermore, being with CFR21 Part 11 compliance, you can rest assured of ERES (Electronic Record Electronic Signature) with inLIMs.

inLIMs has 5 broad laboratory processing phases:

  1. the reception and log in of sample with barcode management,

  2. the assignment, scheduling, and tracking of sample and the associated analytical workload,

  3. the processing and quality control associated with the sample and the utilized equipment and inventory,

  4. the storage of data associated with the sample analysis,

  5. the inspection, approval, and compilation of the sample data for reporting and/or further analysis.

Flow Chart

Take control of your laboratory workflow and processes

It is time to take control of your laboratory.  With millions of data points being created, we emphasise on the visualisation of the data that your laboratory creates.  

A good LIMs system should give you access to your lab data at anytime and our system does just that.  

No "one size fits all" mentality.  Our LIMs system is fully customisable as we understand that no lab is exactly the same.  Through our technology consultancy division, we implement a consultative approach to ensuring your LIMs implementation is a success.

Core Features

Sample Mangement


  • Master list of data tracking points which is robust and flexible to cater for different requirements of our customers

  • Ensure accountability with our Electronic Signature module as you track sample movement throughout the laboratory.

  • Collect data on process lead-time and bottlenecks and display the process graphically to identify bottlenecks and potential optimisation areas

  • Real time sample conditioning monitoring to give visibility to you on the actual conditioning duration of each samples and also provide a notification to lab users in advance if the required conditioning duration is about due.

Instrument integration and application qualification


  • Our interfaces are integrated within the application so there is no need to utilize a third-party integration tool to develop instrument interfaces.

  • We have the capability to interface and automate instruments involved in GC, HPLC, KF, Micro testing  without the need for third-party integration software

  • Supports data transfer via ASTM, RS232, TCP/IP or file level interfaces.

Data Analytics

  • Turn data points into insights with our beautifully crafted dashboards

  • Understand current processes and identify bottlenecks and areas of potential optimisation to increase efficiency

  • Gain insights on product performance trend

Chemical and Product Management

  • Manage existing and new chemical list according to the business needs. 

  • Allow QA/QC users to manage products list and product specification

  • Integrate product data from other system into our LIMS system to provide holistic view.

  • Manage the regulatory tolerance per product within our LIMs system.


Additional features

  • Barcode management

  • Custom reports

  • Audit trail management

  • Electronic signature

  • User access right management

  • Configurable location tracking master data

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