Discover The Hidden Value of Your Data

Analytic is the link between data and data-driven decision making. It enables business users to see patterns in data for information discovery. This can be applied in manufacturing, supply chain, sales and finance and many other areas.

What differentiate us is not the platform, it is our strong domain knowledge at different business processes at different user levels. Be it from analytics for executive from day-to-day operation to regional and global analytics for management, having this experience allows us to recommending the best way to see information for effective data-driven decision making.


Analytics For Different Segments

For manufacturing

We have been serving FMCG manufacturing for more than 10 years. From managing factory various KPIs, including for example, OEE, OTIF, CPK, MTBF, from machine performance to quality management, we have a team that is experienced in this aspect to recommend the best way to visualise your data.

For supply chain

Every supply chain is unique in relation to its geographical constraints. From managing outbound and inbound of goods across countries, strong understanding of your data is essential in finding the most cost-effective route or in finding the optimal way to move your goods. All we need is your data in order to help you discover the information.

For sales

Being able to manage your sales information from end user or to your channel partners and having the capability to analyse sales information is highly crucial to enable an effective sales strategy. Otherwise you are blinded by information overflow. We can help you to discover information in your data from sales number, sales team performance, to inventory of your channel partners by territory and by product category, to enable much in-depth analysis of your sales information.

For finance

This consist of a very broad category of information, from COGS, Capex, Opex to various expenses, one of finance team’s core KPI is to have deep-dive analysis of various cost components and how one impact another. Our team, having work on should-cost modelling previously, is good in understanding finance lingo in order to fully comprehend the needs of finance team. Our team is also able to aggregate data cross various sites or countries to provide an aggregated view of information is also crucial in empowering finance to operate effectively.

For machine manufacturer


Machine data, one of the least analysed data by machine manufacturer, can provide great insight in improving machine utilisation of your machines in your customer factories. Having data on machine up-time, down-time, breakdown information, you can effectively transform all this data into information for MTBF and use data-driven analytic to encourage your distributors to purchase critical spares. This serves as potential way to increase after-sales spares and service packages, which can also help reduce turn around time of machine breakdown.