Most businesses understand the importance of using data to increase productivity, improve decision making and gain a competitive advantage.  Unfortunately, more often than not, none of those goals are realised. This is because data comes from multiple different sources, is then stored in a variety of repositories, and is accessed via a number of unconnected software systems

That is why we created Aiden, a data enterprise solution that captures, analyses and displays data.


All in one, easy to access place. This bespoke data analytics software doesn’t just give you data, it gives you relevant, meaningful information and analysis.


More than 60% of people get their information from 4 or more systems, almost 15% get it from 11 or more


36% of a typical worker’s day is spent looking for & consolidating information across a variety of systems


44% of the time these workers are unable to find the information they need to carry out their role

Research carried out by IDC

Why Use Aiden?

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Empower management to make better decisions


Managers and decision makers have all the relevant information at their fingertips. Additionally, because incorrect, ambiguous and incoherent data is automatically identified and removed, they can be confident that that data is 100% correct. This results in not just the ability to make better decisions, but the ability to make them faster - crucial in today’s fast paced marketplace.


The information is presented via reports or dashboards so the need for analytical know-how to interpret it is eliminated.

AIDEN uses a genetic algorithm which not only forecasts likely outcomes, but also recommends courses of action, based on those forecasts.

Discover valuable insights from organisation data

AIDEN is able to uncover and present potentially invaluable insights that otherwise would not be apparent in the datasets.

The data-driven approach means that AIDEN does not simply provide insights, but actionable insights.

AIDEN develops an historical intelligence by learning from past behaviour. In turn, it is able to use that to understand how future outcomes can be influenced.

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Improve process efficiencies


AIDEN analyses vast amounts of historical sales and customer data in order to deliver targeted advertising.

By tracking the company’s fleet vehicles via GPS data, it can predict and prevent logistical delays.

With the algorithms of this predictive analysis tool, you can predict manufacturing equipment performance and time to failure, resulting in:

  • Minimisation of unplanned breakdown and downtime

  • Prediction of manufacturing quality and hence significantly reducing the need for reworking

  • Optimisation of supply chain logistics in order to save costs

Mitigate risk


AIDEN analyses complex decisions regarding unplanned events quickly and unemotionally, vastly reducing the likelihood of incorrect decisions being made/action taken.

It identifies the root causes of problems and the reasons behind the occurrence of an event

By using techniques such as machine learning and statistical modelling AIDEN is able to understand the future and forecast a likely outcome.

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Leads for new products and services generation

Analysis of customer behaviour, historical sales data and market trends, results in AIDEN being able to discover potential areas for new product development and/or new applications.


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